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Cecil's Barber Shop was established in 1944 by Cecil Wright. Originally located in downtown Vancouver, Cecil moved the shop to Grand and Evergreen Blvd. and then years later to the Heights Neighborhood in 1973.

Cecil's was known around town as being a "progressive" barber shop, the place you would go to keep up with the latest styles and trends in men's hair. Cecil was also one of the first shop owners in the area to hire women barbers.  

In the late 70's Cecil's daughter, Debbie, took over the shop and successfully owned it for nearly 40 years. Debbie also had 2 other shop in the area at different times. Debbie began supporting many of the local youth sports leagues, and continued to build the business.  

This brings us up to the current owner, Kristin Wright. Kristin is Debbie's daughter-in-law and has been a barber at Cecil's for over 10 years. Determined to keep the family business going strong, Kristin moved the business to its current location in East Vancouver, where she noticed a lack of small independently owned shops in the area.

For almost 70 years, the Wright family has brought high standards of quality haircuts and customer service to the city of Vancouver. The dedication they have to their customers and reputation for exceptional quality haircuts is what keeps guys coming back generation after generation.  


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